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Friday, October 14, 2005  

Bumper sticker fascists...redux?

This evening I was walking back to my apartment from school, glanced at my car, and saw that the license plate was bent. I drove it this morning to run an errand before I went to school, so I know it was okay then. Nothing was actually stolen and my car looked fine otherwise, but I still called campus police to file a report.

The officer arrived in about five minutes (yay LSU police) and took my information. We made small talk as he waited for the office to assign a case number to my report, and I mentioned that it would be a lot easier to steal a license plate by unscrewing it than to pry it off with one's bare hands. The officer suggested that maybe the person did not intend to steal it, but just didn't like my sticker.

For over a year now, my car has sported a generic Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on the back window. One year ago this week, I wrote a blog entry about the bumper sticker fascists who covered my sticker with a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker.

Sigh. That makes four (to my knowledge)...uh...indignities that my car has suffered, most likely because of my bumper stickers. When the old "Go Kevorkian" one was up, my car got lightly keyed and had some coffee-looking liquid dumped on it, both times while it was parked at the Lake Charles mall.

This incident kinda makes me want to hang on to the sticker for another year, but I think I'll go ahead with my plan to replace it with "I've got the red state blues."

By the way, it's not really an option for me to abandon bumper stickers altogether. I drive a beige 1998 Toyota Corolla. About 10% of all cars in every decent-sized parking lot are beige 1998 Toyota Corollas, so I'd never know which car was mine from a distance if I didn't have stickers.

We drive a car that looks like others as wel. I always find it easier to find by what I hang from my rear-view mirror. I do beadwork and have a beaded picture of Calvin (as in and Hobbes) hanging from the mirror.

I also have an sticker in my back window. But I live near Seattle, a very blue area.

I have a "God was my co-pilot but we crahsed in the mountains and I had to eat him" bumper sticker. My husband takes it off when he drives the car, he is afraid...
I always leave it on~


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