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Sunday, October 17, 2004  

Bumper sticker fascists

My car has sported numerous liberal and radical bumper stickers over the years, and as a result it's been keyed a few times and had junk spilled on it, especially when parked at the mall in Lake Charles. But the other day, my car suffered a new indignity.

I have a Kerry-Edwards sticker on the back window. The other day someone covered it with a Bush-Cheney sticker, presumably while it was parked here in front of my apartment. It peeled off rather easily, but it really made me angry. As a liberal, I might frown at a Bush-Cheney sticker, but I would never do anything to deface it or the car to which it is stuck, because a) I'm not that mean-spirited, and b) I believe in free speech. However, those of us with Kerry-Edwards stickers have to be wary of damage to our personal property. A friend was telling me that he had been cautioned by a Republican that he might get his back car window busted in after putting a Kerry-Edwards sticker on it. That's a terrible shame, and it just shows the fear, ignorance, and violent tendencies that are apparently inherent in many Louisiana conservatives.

So, to the person who covered my Kerry-Edwards sticker with a Bush-Cheney sticker, you're a fascist (def: uses censorship to suppress political opposition), and your action only serves to lower my opinion of the intelligence of Bush supporters. You're showing your fear and ignorance by wanting to simply get rid of something with which you don't agree. Pepper your own car with Bush stickers, but leave mine alone.


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